Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hewo? I has a Beta Key!

So I'm not exactly the best in the world when it comes to updating anything. I spend weeks at a time playing with old addons, I pay bills sparadically in the month, and I shift around my workout schedual so often I'm suprised I still go. As such, it's not really a suprise to me that it has taken me so long to update this blog with anything.

I wish I could say it was because nothing important has happened, but that'd be incorrect. Here's a short rundown:

- My guild killed Vashj
- My guild killed Kael
- My guild killed Archimonde
- My guild killed Illidan
- My guild killed Kalecgos
(see? lots has happened!)
- I have 5 pieces of t6
- The pocketwatch finally dropped...and I stopped using it when the Commendation dropped
- I have a Beta key!

So yes, I shall just have to give myself a sharp rap on the knuckles with a ruler, and a shy thank you to Phaelia for getting me back to posting...even if it still manages to be about as often as a solar eclipse!

In anycase, I'm now Main Tanking on Brutalis, which is both exciting and frustrating. It's exciting because it is quite simply the most challenging encounter for tanks that I've yet to come up with. Taunts have to be darned near perfect, communication has to be top notch, and we simply cannot afford any failing of any sort in DPS or Healing. At this point, our DPS is on, our tanking is (of course) PERFECT (okay, mostly perfect. I've been known to taunt a moment too early and get Meteor Slashed for a wonderful 4 stack...oops.), but our healing is not quite there.

Don't get me wrong. Our healers are FANTASTIC. So fantastic, I'm suprised I haven't seen Alanis Morissette walk out of a church and gift us with her deadly voice. But while I have full confidence in their ability to keep me up with my current zomg-status stats, sometimes we are unfortunate and miss out on a heal over the course of a 2.6-3.3 second period, which against Brut, is quite simply a call for death.

However, there have been a few nights that the healing has been perfect, and it was the DPS slowing us down, so perhaps I'm being overly critical. I know my GM thinks I'm overly critical sometimes...but then again, she IS one of my healers. So I understand that.

Ah well. So what do I do to deal with the stress of such a boss encounter? Well, I've got a few things!

Firstly, my baby-druid Kaibear is currently level 59! I'm slow to work on her (which is probably obvious by now), but when I do, I definitely enjoy playing a younger version of myself.

Secondly, I have a level 62 Enhancement Shaman, who is by far the most attractive space-cow you'll ever see. Super cute, and eats things alive with her insane windfury proccing joy. She'll hit 70 soon, I'm sure. It helps to have a friend whom I convinced to level a druid (yay instance friend!) leveling with me.

Thirdly, I read. A lot. I re-read the entire Harry Potter series again. Sometimes, getting away from WoW is just what the doctor ordered. I'm currently reading Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson, for the second time, and enjoying it even more than the first. Don't know what I'd do without my library.

Lastly....I'm playing in the Beta! I got myself a lovely haircut, and promptly launched myself into the world, looking for any nasty monsters to slay in my quests! Well, that, and explore a bit (which is fantastic fun, might I mention). One of the first things that I found in my exploration was the Northern Lights. I am so happy they put them in, because they're gorgeous out here in Howling Fjord (click the image to the left for the screenshot of me checking them out!).

In any case, I'm off to continue my exploration for another short while, before I join the slumberland. I wish everyone luck in getting their very own beta key! That way we can all get together and create a wonderful guild of druids, and strive to have our very own Critter Form Shapeshift! inc!

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