Saturday, September 8, 2007

Honey! Murlocs Ate the Kids!

You know, I found out very recently, that although I have a large amount of tanking knowledge (I'm modest! I swear! ...okay, maybe not), I really have no idea where to begin sinking my teeth in and sharing it. I've written a few drafts on a few different subjects (namely, gear choices, the mid-tanking innervate, and how to make leveling easier), but none of them have really made me purr in contentment.

So I've given up!


Just kidding. Instead, I'll do exactly what I said! YAY FOR STORY TIME!

So I was leveling my baby druid yesterday. She's feral at the moment, mainly because my shadow priest friend has yet to reach an equal level so I can just heal her and go on with my day. But I was outside of Southshore killing murlocs when my kitty got attacked by five at once! Murlocs are so mean, always ganging up on one poor soul.

As I'm running away in my cheetah form, I see a warrior come and charge into the group.

All I could think was "Yay! I can heal him!" I know, feral? Healing?

But my main is 70. I have 5 sets of gear (two of which are various resists). I started my baby's early. I exited combat in moments, hit my "Healz" keybinding for Item Rack, popped a mana pot, and started healing up a storm.


So the warrior was a really bad tank. But I got to use my Battle Rez for the first time, and then had him charge into a group of 8 a few seconds later! It's the most fun I've had on her yet, and I cannot wait to turn 70.

34 more levels to go!


On a side note, Kailora is going to be helping out the guild alts in Kara tomorrow night. Everyone pray for my pocketwatch!

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