Saturday, September 8, 2007

Things Bears Should Know

Agility is always superior to hit rating.

415 Defense is not needed. 2.6% chance not to be crit and SotF is. Reach that, then get more agility.

Socket bonuses are generally worse than gems. Get what you want.

Aggro is yours, and yours alone. Don't let anyone else have some. Ever.

Especially the mage. He's a hog anyway.

Rage gains cause aggro.

Feral Faerie Fire is free aggro. Don't use it if you have a full rage bar.

Your healer is your best friend. Don't piss her off.

You don't have a problem getting threat. 15 agi > 2% threat. Always.

If you have the Heavy Clefthoof set, 2.6% CNTBCrit, 20% dodge and 12k hp unbuffed, you can tank in Kara.

Bash is long enough to gain aggro back from a loose mob. Don't bother increasing the time of the stun.

Lacerate two targets. Swipe three. Stop being lazy with two mobs.

You can't do everything. But what you can do, you can do damn well.

You're the best Off Tank in the game. Relish it. Your job will never get boring.

Dancing with someone usually alleviates anger.

Purring helps too.

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TrojanGuy said...

I have a 70 Feral Druid (and yes, I DID level him from 1-70 myself) but I'm still pretty unclear on what gear is best for tanking. Honestly, the path to 70 had me spending most of my time soloing quests in cat form and only switching to bear if things got hairy, and it's only recently I've begun tanking some instances here and there. So yeah, I have a lot to learn. Like the agility thing...I thought the stats I wanted most would be Strength and Stam (although Agi never hurts).