Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Marking The Territory

Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to believe in the heroic makes heroes.
~Benjamin Disrael

Yes. You almost feel dirty for thinking about it, for even contemplating it- but it's true. You've found another World of Warcraft Blog. Do you feel ashamed? I should hope not. But if you do, let me ease your mind!

I'm a druid. Doesn't that make you feel better?

It has been in recent days, from reading the amusing and educational posts from Phaelia over at Resto4Life that I've considered writing in my own blog. Not neccessarily to teach anyone anything, but more to entertain myself and hopefully others as I explain my own amusement and frustration with this game that has taken over such a signifigant part of my life.

But more importantly, this class has taken over. I am a druid lover. I admit it! I hug Tree druids, I dance with Boomkins, and I run wild with Ferals. I just can't help the love I feel every time I even consider my class. Yes, there's problems, but as it has been pointed out, if there weren't problems with a class, they may as well implement an "I Win" button and delete all the classes forever.

So who am I?

Quite simply: I'm Kai. Or rather, Kailora. I'm a Bear in the guild Relic, an Alliance raiding guild that spends as much time raiding as they do PvPing. In short? They play a lot. I absolutely love to tank, and find that I don't have as much fun if I'm cat-scratchin' it up. There's just nothing better than sinking my teeth into the enemy, and Mauling to my heart's content, simply to dodge their incoming attacks and dishing out many more attacks in return.

But perhaps more amusing and more important...I'm leveling another druid. Yes. A second one. Why?

I miss healing.

So I hope you come join me in my adventures, both at 70 in Raiding content, as well as the adventures I have on my baby druid.


Karthis said...

Druids are just coming outta the woodwork. ;) I look forward to reading your blog!

Phaelia said...


What a pretty color scheme you've chosen, too. It reminds me of autumn and I think it's fitting for a blog by someone with two druids, one for Healing and one for Tanking.

Thank you for the mention. I'm very excited to seeing what you write in future. Welcome!

Kai said...

@Karthis - And I yours! Your comments on pulling were pretty much in line with what should be done, and I really hope that more of the druid community catches up on the fact.

@Phaelia - Thank you! I've got my three favorite colors in the blog, all at once! Orange(because as a druid, you LOVE to see that orange color ^_^), Green (very natural) and Black (I'm kinda nocturnal ^^;). I've been reading your blog since you posted on the 2v3 Arena thread, and I can't wait to put many of your techniques into motion. 34 more lvls *grinds*

Ricardo "Keops" Chirino said...

Greetings to you Kai! I'm also a new Druid blogger myself, Alindore's Journal is the name of my blog, and you can check it out at If you like what you see we can do a link exchange, I find your blog is a very nice read! Thanks for sharing with us.