Sunday, September 9, 2007

Potatoes Anyone?

So as you can see, it didn't drop. Again. The Emerald Ripper drops as if it were candy on Halloween, and the Girdle seems to simply be a static drop. I don't think I'll ever get the pocketwatch. It's funny, though. The Stranglestaff (who I've affectionately named "Tenny") and the cloak (both of which drop from the Druid Hating Illhoof) both dropped for me in the first two times I killed him. But this pocketwatch has not dropped in any of the times I've gone, and I feel like I live in Kara sometimes. It's a good thing I don't absolutely need it, but the bonuses are so stellar it's hard not to want.

In other news, I was speaking with a newly feral druid in the guild about his gear choices and why his damage was so low in Mechanar the other day, as well as why he cannot generate more than 600 threat per second...and I was at a loss. His gear isn't great, but it's headed in the right direction. He says he's using the exact same attack combination that I use, both for tanking and for dpsing, but his damage is final damage output is 12% lower than mine, and his max threat is what I can do while sleeping (I'm not kidding on the sleeping thing; I actually fell asleep in a Slave Pens run when I was 65ish and was still tanking when my flatmate poked me awake because I needed to move the boss.) I just don't understand it. I think the only thing I can think of that would make the that he doesn't button mash.

I know, button mashing is BAD! It's unskilled, and it just means you have no idea what you're doing, right?


Button mashing is the way classes that have constant cooldowns deal with their attacks. I spam Lacerate hoping for the ability to go off the moment it gets the chance. Maul is always queued, but I have to mash it to make sure it queues up at a time where Lacerate isn't hit (it's weird. Who knows?), and I hit Mangle from 1 second before the cooldown is up until the moment it's gone off.

Maybe he doesn't mash? But maybe it's what is needed.

I want a T-shirt now. "Do You Mash?"


Karthis said...

Kara has not been kind to me. I've only managed to get two tanking items out of it (Maiden's Choker, Curator's gloves) but quite a few healing/dps pieces.

Particularly, though we've been annihilating Moroes regularly for 3 months, the pocketwatch has only dropped once, and the warrior won the roll. Annoyingly, Illhoof has yet to choke up either his staff or cloak.... the bugger.

Kai said...

I know! What is it with that place, anyway? Yeah, I like going and decimating it with some mad-skillz, but really, after a while, you really just want to get the items they drop!